Fast Track Innovation

We focus on improving the quality and velocity of client engineering teams by advising on technical architectures, optimizing developer tools/processes, and shipping code.

Our Services and common client needs

Product & Feature Development
DevOps & CI/CD
Architectural Evaluation & Design
Improving developer tools and processes

Client Need— DevOps

Our client’s engineering team was working with individual development environments that did not accurately represent their production microservice deployment. This was making it difficult for them to improve existing services and debug issues outside of the production environment.

Our Results​—

The C/V team developed the necessary infrastructure to deploy a full set of microservices into a K8 cluster which was fully integrated with the client’s CI system. Once completed every developer would now have a personal development environment that accurately represented their production environment.

Client Need— Product Development

Our client wanted to implement a full UI redesign across multiple platforms ahead of a scheduled launch.

Our Results​—

A C/V team consisting of a Project Lead, Architect, and Senior Engineers took ownership over the web platform and worked cross-functionally alongside various client teams to design, develop, and ship the redesign on time.

Client Need— Load Testing

Our client needed to rapidly develop and ship a new product within a restricted deadline but they were not able to properly simulate load.

Our Results​—

In under a month, we delivered a robust load testing solution for complex interfaces (WebRTC, APIs, etc.) that increased their simulated load capacity by 10x while using fewer resources.

Our Engineering Beliefs

Software engineering is a social endeavor
Consistently deliver measurable progress
Facilitate constant communication
Follow an iterative process

Project Structure

A typical C/V engagement runs from three to eighteen months, depending upon the needs of the client. Cost is determined by the duration of the engagement and the size of the C/V team deployed.

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